Alejandra's Public Profile Page
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  First Name: alejandra   Height: 5.3
  Last Name: bevilacqua   Weight: 100
  City: San Francisco   Chest: 34
  State/Province: California   Waist: 21
  Country: United States   Hips: 25
  Birth Date: Not Provided   Hair Color: dark brown
  Gender: female   Eye Color: dark brown
  Primary Langage: english   Dress/Shirt Size: x-small
  Second Language: spanish   Shoe Size: 7.5
  Certified Bartender: no   Visible Tatoos: yes
  Valid Passport: yes   Drivers License: yes
  Actor: yes   Modeling: yes
  Singer: no   Sales: yes
  Dancer: yes   Public Speaking: no
  Musician: no   Promotions: yes
  Country2: United States State/Province2: California City2: San Francisco  
  Country3: United States State/Province3: California City3: Los Angeles  
  Country4: United States State/Province4: California City4: San Diego